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As a freelance copywriter I can provide creative concepts and persuasive copy that will make your marketing communications more effective. Whether you need impactful ad concepts, a new brand name or catchy strapline. Or expertly crafted copy for adverts, leaflets, brochures, direct mail packs, websites, press releases, marketing emailers, newsletters, editorial, radio scripts, TV and more. Or someone to proofread and refine your own copy. The key to effective business communications isn’t just about crafting words, it’s also about understanding advertising principles such as brand positioning, clarifying your target audience, identifying your Unique Selling Proposition/Personality and establishing the right tone. Unless you’re a specialist business writer yourself, it’s hard to do and it takes a long time. I have over ten years’ experience at some of the UK’s top advertising and DM agencies working on a diverse range of clients and brands including financial, auto, IT, consumer and telecommunications.

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